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A "Lost In Space" Logic Puzzle

YOUNG PENNY ROBINSON has just had the most horrible dining experience! Now alone in her room, she recounts in her diary the events that have just transpired at the family dinner table. From her diary entry and the diagram below, can you deduce who sat at which plate around the dinner table?

Dear Diary,
    Sometimes I really hate this stupid family!!
    Why am I the one always getting in trouble while my snotty baby brother Will gets his own way every time? It makes me so mad! He doesnít have to take any meatloaf, but I have to eat every crummy thing on the table! Hereís a news flash, Mom—nobody likes your lousy meatloaf, regardless of whatever alien creature itís made from!!
    Then thereís Judy, who suddenly wonít touch vegetables—whatís that all about? How come Iím the only one not allowed to eat what I want?
    Itís all Dadís fault anyway. Why did he have to invite that disgusting alien to dinner? Is it my fault that I had to sit directly opposite him (or her—heck, I donít know what it is!)? The way it ate was so disgusting, I couldnít stand eating much of anything.
    And then as usual Dr. Smith started griping and whining: "I detest dining off this atrocious azurean artifact!" "William, kindly stop torturing me with that egregious elbow!" Don grabbed Dr. Smithís arm and told him to shut up. Dad switched places with Will to try to calm down the situation.
    Thatís when Mom noticed I hadnít touched my meatloaf. She went crazy! And she sent me to my room.

© 2001 by Dwight Kemper
All rights reserved

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