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Roberson Museum and Science Center

Murder and Intrigue
at Roberson Museum

There is a mystery that needs to be solved and it involves a MURDER at the Roberson Mansion!

Come to Roberson Museum and Science Center for an evening of dining and intrigue on Saturday, June 15, 2002. Have an elegant dinner in the Decker Mansion beginning at 6:00 PM and then head to the Roberson Museum where you will join Detective Kemper in trying to unfold the mystery of the murder!

The fee for the Murder Mystery is $39.95 members and non-members.

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Call 772-0660, ext. 203 for more information or to make your reservation!

QUILTS: Memories of Braided Lives is on exhibit now through October 20, 2002. This exhibition explores the lifestyle and relationships among several generations of quilters living in rural Broome County from the early 1800s to the mid 1900s. Using oral histories, old photographs, and quilts, the exhibit: Quilts: Memories of Braided Lives reconstructs the quilters’ daily existence and the significance of self-expression in lives devoted to domestic industry.

Leading lives shaped according to the pattern of days, weeks and seasons, the women carried this sense of order into their quilts. They also filled their work with common images, such as baskets, stars and birds. With pattered fabric and color, they expressed their creative imaginations through form movement and rhythm.

The quilts featured in the exhibit represent the life stories of eight women quilters. They also represent the stories, visions and worldviews of three closely intertwined families. By examining the continuity and change across several generations, we can begin to understand the values of simplicity and familiarity that are reflected in their artistry.

Learn More about the QUILTS Exhibition!

QUILTS workshops, classes and programs!

April 2001 through June 2002

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